Feature Extraction and Target Detection

         We aim to focus on the basic theories of quality improvement, feature extraction and target detection of hyperspectral image. We try to propose fast and reliable algorithms or models for hyperspectral image fusion, feature extraction and target detection, in order to provide theoretical and technical support for hyperspectral target detection and intelligent remote sensing observation.


        Yi Cen,Xuejian Sun,Xiaojie Gao,Xianming Deng,Mingyue Zhang,Yu Ren,Hao Chen.

Research Projects:

     1、National Natural Science Fund of China (Grant No. 41202234): Natural gas hydrate prospecting using remote sensing data in permafrost region of China. 2013-2015.

     2、National Natural Science Fund of China (Grant No. 41371362): Research on hyperspectral image quality improvement method based on data fusion. 2015-2018.

     3、National Natural Science Fund of China (Grant No. 41371359): Study on hyperspectral intelligent observation modes for various typical under underlying surfaces. 2014-2017.

     4、Project of China Geological Survey (Grant No. AA003438QJ): Land gas hydrate detection using remote sensing data. 2011-2015.

     5、Satellite EnvironmentCenter Project of Environmental Protection Department: High resolution remote sensing ecosystem product integration and its analysis (Y3D0030038), 2014-2015.




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