The Five Delegates of Hyperspectral Remote Sensing Lab attended WHISPERS 2015

Professor Lifu Zhang, Professor Xia Zhang , Assoc.Professor Taixia Wu, Assoc.Professor Yi Cen and Assis.Professor  Changping Huangattended the WHISPERS 2015 held in The University of Tokyo, on June 2 - 5, 2015. Five delegates make reports respectively.

Report titles:

Professor Lifu Zhang : Method for time series extraction of characteristic parameters from multidimensional remote sensing datasets;

Professor Xia Zhang : Abundance retrieval of hydrous minerals around the MARS science laboratory landing site;

Assoc.Professor Taixia Wu : An analysis of shadow effects on spectral vegetation indices using a ground-based imaging spectrometer;

Assoc.Professor Yi Cen : Spatial-temporal information extraction for vegetation phenology variation based on MODIS NDVI datasets in the Tibetan Plateau;

Assis.Professor Changping Huang  : Investigating Fraunhofer line based fluorescence retrieval in O2-B band with hyperspectral radiative transfer simulations.

In addition, Lifu Zhang Professor and Yi Cen Assoc.Professor  were invited as the Session Chair of  "Thermal hyperspectral imaging" and "Forward modeling and atmospheric compensation" respectively.

The representatives at the university of Tokyo


 Lifu Zhang Professor and Yi Cen Assoc.Professor  invited as the Session Chair

 The meeting gone over, The  five delegates were invited to visit Nara Women's University by Muramatsu Kanako professor.

Visiting Nara Women's University

(Editor:Na Qiao)

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