Prof. Chein-I Chang from UMBC Visited HRS Lab

        On July 13th, 2015, Prof. Chein-I Chang and his group from University of Maryland, Baltimore County  was invited to visit HRS Lab, and gave a lecture on “Virtual Dimensionality for Hyperspectral Imagery”. The report was presided  by the director of HRS Lab,  Professor Lifu Zhang.

Dr. Chein-I Chang was visiting optical laboratory of hyperspectral remote sensing

        In the report,Prof. Chein-I Chang recommended the research of Virtual Dimensionality for Hyperspectral Imagery, and expounded the importance of virtual dimensionality in detail. After the report, Prof. Chein-I Chang discussed the problems of our study with staffs and visited the optical laboratory, and gave a high evaluation about the achievemwnts of HRS Lab.


        Professor Chein-I Chang institute of computer science and electrical engineering at the university of Maryland (UMBC), as the director of Remote Sensing Signal and Image Processing Laboratory(RSSIPL). His major research interest includes remote sensing , signal and image processing and so on.  Pigeon-Hole Theory and OSP(Orthogonal Subspace Projector)proposed by  Professor Chein-I Chang lay the basis of a lot of hyperspectral remote sensing image processing algorithms. His publications include many monographs, like《Hyperspectral Imaging—Techniques for Spectral Detection and Classification》、《Hyperspectral Data Processing—Algorithm Design and Analysis》、《Hyperspectral Signal and Image Processing》、《Hyperspectral Data Exploitation—Theory and Applications》、《High Performance Computing in Remote Sensing》, and more than 150 SCI papers and 300 conference papers.

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