Delegates from Hyperspectral Remote Sensing Lab attended the Chinese WHISPERS 2015

 The 3rd Chinese WHISPERS was held in NWPU (Northwestern Polytechnical University) on September 23 - 26, 2015. The 13 delegates attended the Chinese WHISPERS, and submit 14 pieces of long abstracts. Professor Lifu Zhang was visited to make a report named " The Latest Progress in Imaging Spectrum Technology 2015",and caused wide public concern and discussion.

 This event was jointly organized by the national committee for digital earth imaging spectral earth observation professional council, the Chinese academy of sciences institute of remote sensing and digital earth and Northwestern Polytechnical University. This conference  aimed at promoting imaging spectral earth observation technology and application especially hyperspectral image and signal processing in our country. The meeting set up 12  groups at the 3 venues total 108 reports. To encourage outstanding youth personnel who obtains achievements, the committee set up 6  awards for the best academic report. Na Qiao from HyLab made a report called "A typical shallow water suspended solids concentration for lake water body remote sensing inversion", who had outstanding performance, and got the award for the best academic report.


 The Chinese WHISPERS was held once every two years from 2011 to the present, a total of 3 conferences have been staged. The 4th Chinese WHISPERS will take place in Harbin in 2017.


(Editor:Na Qiao)

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