Field Imaging Spectrometer System (FISS)

Field Imaging Spectrometer System (FISS) was developed in 2008 by Hyperspectral Remote Sensing Laboratory of Institute of Remote Sensing Applications, Chinese Academy of Sciences as a novel spectrometer which could not only record the reflectance from the target area but also the image of that area of interest simultaneously in contrast to its predecessors like ASD etc.


The system appearance 



Table: Main technical parameters of the FISS.  

Number of bands


Imaging rate

Maximum 20 frames/s

Spectral range

437–902 nm

Scan field

–20° to +20°

Spectral resolution

Better than 5 nm

Quantitative value

12 bit

Spatial resolution

About 1 mrad

Signal to noise ratio

>500:1 (60% bands)

Radiometric calibration

Better than 5%

Spectral sampling interval

About 1.4 nm


The IRSA, CAS, was granted an invention patent for the FISS in 2010 (“A Field Imaging Spectrometer System,” patent No. ZL201010130916.0).The principle utilized in FISS functioning is that of the Pushbroom Hyperspectral Imager (PHI), but the new system is distinguished from the PHI and other Hyperspectral push-broom sensors as instead of moving forward, a scan mirror driven by stepper motor is used by a sensor within a certain angle.


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