Laboratory Calibration of a Field Imaging Spectrometer System

A new Field Imaging Spectrometer System (FISS) based on a cooling area CCD was  developed.  This  paper  describes  the  imaging  principle,  structural  design,  and  main parameters of the FISS sensor. The FISS was spectrally calibrated with a double grating monochromator to determine the center wavelength and FWHM of each band. Calibration results showed that the spectral range of the FISS system is 437–902 nm, the number of channels  is  344  and  the  spectral  resolution  of  each  channel  is  better  than  5  nm.  An integrating sphere was used to achieve absolute radiometric calibration of the FISS with less than 5% calibration error for each band. There are 215 channels with signal to noise ratios  (SNRs)  greater  than  500  (62.5%  of  the  bands).  The  results  demonstrated  that  the FISS  has  achieved  high  performance  that  assures  the  feasibility  of  its  practical  use  in various fields.











Zhang, L., Huang, C., Wu, T., Zhang, F., Tong, Q., 2011. Laboratory Calibration of a Field Imaging Spectrometer System. Sensors. 11, 2408-2425.


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