Siheng Wang PhD Students

Research interests:
Chlorophyll fluorescence remote sensing

Education Experiences:
Receive bachelor's degree of Remote Sensing Science and Technology in 2010, Wuhan University.

Work Experiences:

1. Siheng Wang, Changping Huang, Lifu Zhang, Yi Lin, Yi Cen, & Taixia Wu (2016). Monitoring and assessing the 2012 drought in the great plains: Analyzing satellite-retrieved solar-induced chlorophyll fluorescence, drought indices, and gross primary production. Remote Sensing, 8(2), 61.

2. Siheng Wang, Lifu Zhang, Dongjie Fu, Xu Lu, Taixia Wu, & Qingxi Tong. (2016). Selecting photovoltaic generation sites in Tibet using remote sensing and geographic analysis. Solar Energy, 133, 85-93.

3. Xu Lu & Siheng Wang (2016). A GIS-based assessment of Tibet's potential for pumped hydropower energy storage. Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews,

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