SWIR Field Imaging Spectrometer System

SWIR Field Imaging Spectrometer System developed by the Institute of remote sensing and digital earth, Chinese Academy of Sciences, can be flexibly mounted on the ground frame, motor vehicles, aircraft and other platforms, can obtain high resolution maps and hyperspectral data in different scenarios, and computer interactive data access system and data processing systems. The work is in the leading level at home and abroad.

The system appearance


Table: Main technical parameters of the FISS-SR.

Market Application:

All the time, the application of short wave infrared is limited because of detector technology. Until in recent years with improvements in semiconductor technology and micro refrigeration systems research breakthroughs, shortwave infrared system became a reality on the ground. Current short-wave infrared detectors has become one of the hot topics in infrared imaging technology field, and in the Earth's mineral resources exploration, deep space exploration and other fields has played a huge role, however short wave infrared imaging spectrometer systems have not been fully applied on the ground, in terms of mineral resources, oil and gas exploration, vegetation, soil moisture and other areas have great potential for development.

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